Man looking at motorcycle to change coolant

Coolant Change Recommendations

Coolant Change Recommendations

"Do I have to change my coolant?" is a common question we get from customers.

At Engine Ice, we believe maintenance is ALWAYS less expensive than repairs. To keep powersports vehicles performing well and lasting longer, we recommend focusing on proactive maintenance instead of reactive repairs.

Ideally, replace your coolant at least once per season.
One crucial aspect of this maintenance regimen is the regular changing of the coolant. Ideally, the coolant should be replaced at least once per season or even more frequently for vehicles subjected to high-performance demands. The principle behind this recommendation is straightforward: fresh coolant outperforms aged fluid in any powersports application, ensuring maximum performance and reliability. Fresh fluid is the best fluid.

Change your coolant when you change your oil.
In a professional service department, it is advisable to synchronize the coolant flush and replacement with the vehicle’s regular oil change. This practice is not only efficient but also convenient. Since the technician is already disassembling parts of the vehicle to perform the oil change, adding a coolant change requires minimal additional effort and time. This combined service interval serves as a convenient reminder for the vehicle owner to maintain both the oil and coolant systems simultaneously, thereby simplifying the maintenance schedule and ensuring comprehensive care of the vehicle. By adhering to this maintenance strategy, vehicle owners can avoid the pitfalls of neglect and the subsequent need for costly repairs. Regular maintenance, particularly of the cooling system, not only preserves the integrity of high-performance vehicles but also optimizes their operation, providing a smoother, more reliable riding experience.

Engine Ice products are crucial in maintaining stable operating temperatures under extreme conditions, preventing overheating and subsequent engine damage. By routinely flushing and replacing the coolant, operators can ensure that their vehicle's cooling system operates at peak efficiency, providing both enhanced performance and peace of mind.

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